Selasa, 08 Maret 2011


"Music Jamaica Predecessor"
According to history of Jamaica, the slaves brought drums from Africa called "Burru" which became part of the song arrangements called "talking drums" (drum speak) the original of West Africa. "Jonkanoo" is a music culture mixture of African, European and Jamaica consisting of drumming, rattle (musical instrument creaking) and conch blowing. This event occurs when Christmas comes mask dancer. Jonkanoos was originally a dance the peasants, who only realized later that they actually communicate with the drums and conch that. The next year, Calypso from Trinidad & Tobago came with Samba that comes from America Central and introduced to people - people of Jamaica to form a new mix called Mento. Mento music itself is simple with humorous lyrics accompanied by guitar, banjo, tambourine, shaker, scraper and rumba, or the bass. This shape then popular in year 20 and 30s and is a form of Jamaican music first attract the attention of the whole island. Today can still be enjoyed Mento serving tourism. SKA who has appeared in 40 - 50s actually mentioned by the History of Jamaican Music, influenced by the Swing, Rythym & Blues of the United States. SKA is actually a big band sound with horn arrangements (wind instrument), piano, and beats fast "bop". Ska then easily switch and generate forms of dance "skankin" pad early 60's. Jamaica Star early include Byron Lee and the Dragonaires formed in 1956 which was regarded as creator of "ska". Developments which then slows the tempo Ska in the mid 60's led to "Rock Steady" that Punta bass tune weight and popularized by Leroy Sibbles from the Heptones and group became the first Jamaican dance music in the 60s.